meal planning – week 2

Well we still have one month of school holidays ahead of us so I've been sitting down working out a few weeks worth of meal plans.You'll note I put whether they are vegetarian or gluten free or if there is an option to change the recipe.We eat quite a lot of veggie recipes in the family so I hope you enjoy them.You can always pick something else if your family aren't huge fans.

Day 1

Quesadillas (V option)

Choose between ham and pineapple or spinach and feta quesadillas.Or make both.Super popular with the kids and really delicious.

Day 2

Quinoa Salad (V,GF)

If salad isn't enough for your dinner and you're not vegetarian then team it up with a large can of tuna or some sausages or a hot chicken from the shops.If you have a thermomix then cook the quinoa just as you would for rice.20 minutes/Varoma/Speed 4.This is so delicious and fresh.Also great with leftover roasted vegetables.


Day 3

Poached chicken (GF,GAPS,PALEO)

You will freeze the stock (I get at least 2 large jars of chicken stock) which is great for risottos and soups.I use the recipe for meat stock with 1 large chicken.This is a really healthy ‘feel good dinner'.Your kids might like just the chicken and vegetables minus the stock but I love a bowl with chicken,veg and stock.I also add zucchini to the last hour of cooking.

Day 4

Cobb Salad (GF)

For the non salad lovers in your house just buy some wraps and let them pick the ingredients they like for a blt wrap.My kids love making wraps from this recipe.

Day 5

Chicken/Beef lasagne and green salad (GF option)

I suggest you double the recipe and freeze one lasagne uncooked in an alfoil container for a dinner when school goes back.

Day 6

Tuna macaroni (GF option)

This is a kids dinner,I love it too but my hubby does not.For someone in your house who doesn't love tuna macaroni then a nice tuna salad or tuna salad wrap is a great alternative.For a gluten free version use a good quality GF pasta and GF flour in the cheese sauce.

Day 7

Sweet potato & feta frittata and garlic bread (V)

I've been making this recipe for so long and it's great hot or cold.So easy and delicious and I just keep extra garlic bread in the freezer when I need it.The kids love it too.If you've got salad ingredients make a nice green salad to go with it.


Best Ever Banana Bread

Six Sisters Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Bars

Oh these are so good.We made them this week and they make a huge dish.I sliced it up the next day,filled 3 lunchboxes with them (froze 1) and they still didn't last long.Really nice when you need a 3pm pick up with a cup of coffee or tea.


  1. Dana Francis says:

    Loving the weekly meal plans Corrie!Thank you

  2. Catherine says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Corrie.I made the Cobb Salad and spinach quesadillas -yum!And the peanut butter fingers which were very (too) moorish and made so much!Tonight I'm making my variation of Thermobextas's Whatever Chunky Vege Soup.I throw in whatever veges I have and a rasher of shortcut bacon.Great way for the kids to get their veg ?.

  3. Hi Corrie,I'm loving your menu plans!!I'm wondering what you feed your family for lunches and breakfasts also?
    I find lunch the hardest meal of the day,what are your tips?

    • Thank you!Good question,for breakfast we eat toast and a piece of fruit.On Saturday mornings we have scrambled eggs and a piece of bacon.Lunches at home are sandwiches or wraps with ham,cheese,salad,tomato or simple vegemite or ham for the littlest kids.School lunches they have sandwiches,some crackers and fruit.I don't do yoghurt in lunchboxes as it's so messy:) We are pretty boring with lunches:)

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